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An intervention is so much more than simply sitting down with a troubled family member and offering an ultimatum. An intervention is a carefully planned meeting in which an alcoholic/addict is confronted by family members, friends and specialists in the addiction field, in an effort to break through denial and start the subject of the road to recovery. It is often not at all easy to confront the person with the suggestion of a rehabilitation program.

Life Matters will assist families with this all important meeting for the best possible outcome.


At Life Matters we know how important it is to do a thorough assessment. This entails a thorough history of the client’s current and historical pattern of substance abuse. All clients are carefully assessed for further investigation needs i.e. medical, psychiatric and psychological co-morbid conditions. Clients will be referred to the necessary professionals in this regard. Once all assessments are complete, a tailor made treatment plan for the individual client is suggested.

Drug/Alcohol Screening

We offer drug and alcohol screening which is especially helpful to determine resent use of substances, eliminate controversy if a client has been falsely accused of using or was mandated for regular drug/alcohol screening by family member, healthcare professionals, employers or a court mandated requirement. Regular screening also helps monitor the client’s progress or difficulty staying clean and sober.

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