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Life Matters is an Outpatient Addiction Treatment (Outpatient Rehabilitation) and Recovery Service Provider, which specialises in drug, alcohol and other addictive disorders. We are situated in Cape Town’s well established Sea Point Medical Centre.

Addiction disrupts lives, creates stresses in all relationships and can seem like an inescapable problem. Most people feel they can’t afford to take time away from family and work responsibilities for an in-patient treatment programme. Life Matters outpatient programme is designed to give each individual the best possible chance of a successful recovery process whilst they continue with their everyday life.

We have a gentle and motivational approach towards our clients, assisting them in a supportive, structured and caring environment. We provide a Evening Outpatient Treatment Programme that will pave the way to the individual’s journey of recovery.

The Life Matters Programme also suits clients whom have completed a Primary inpatient Treatment Programme. Extensive research has shown that treatment outcomes are enhanced by an extended treatment process.

At Life Matters we believe that each individual needs to develop their own unique recovery “footprint”. We encourage our clients to work with their peers in treatment, attend well established support groups, work with the family unit, employers, educators and the Life Matters team.

Life Matters also offers Intervention Services and full Assessments of all addictive disorders; we welcome any enquiries related to Addiction Treatment and Recovery Processes.

The Life Matters team take great pride in our commitment to putting our clients' needs first, providing the best service for them and their families.

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